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Overseas Certification

GMA(Global Market Access)

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  • ARPT(Algeria)

    The Algerian certificate is issued through Authority for Regulation of Post and Telecommunication(ARPT) and wireless products such as Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, GSM, and corded products such as fax, modem and corded phones are the object. Local testing is required through local agent, based on certification made before entry.

  • ANRT(Morocco)

    EU standards certification such as CE and ISO and global audit standards are also used in Morocco, and they serve as advantages in negotiating prices. Meanwhile the areas that require Morocco's own inspection standards are the communications industry sectors and food sectors, and imports of mobile communications devices must pass the audit by the Moroccan Communications Supervisor(ANRT). And the food sector must be examined by the Food Managing Committee(EACCE).

  • CERT(Tunisia)

    - Communications or wireless terminals imported into Tunisia should be approved by communications regulating agency of Tunisia.
    - Communications devices approval agency of Tunisia is the communication research center, CERT (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche des Telecommunications), and there is a testing laboratory that can conduct EMC tests, electric tests, and radio tests within CERT. All devices are tested in CERT.
    - Communications devices and low-power and short-range wireless terminals are subject to type approval, while devices that are not classified as low-power and short-range radio terminals require approval from the national frequency agency (Bureau de l'AgenceNationale des Frequency, ANF) as well as CERT.
    - The CERT certificate is divided into the certification approval for communications devices(Certificatd’Homologation) and conformation certification for importing(Certificat du Conformite), and both certificates must be obtained for final import.
    - Submission documents for approval certificates include applications, certificate of origin, technical documents in Arabic, French or English, and if there is no problem with the application for approval, approval will be issued within 10 days.
    - Submission documents for conformance certificates include CERT approval certificates, device purchase documents, customs entry and temporary prohibition notices, technical specifications for devices, ANF approval for wireless terminals, and if there is no problem with the application, approval will be issued within 10 days.

  • ICASA(South Africa)

    - South Africa is operating compulsory type approval for all devices connected to wire and wireless communications devices.
    - Communications regulating Agency of South Africa is Independent Communications Authority of South Africa(ICASA), and ICASA is responsible for regulatory and certificating work on communications, broadcasting and postal services.
    - Submission documents for ICASA type approval include applications, test reports that meet specifications, photos of the device, operating manuals, functional manuals for the device, schematic diagram, PCB layout, type approval, certificate of fee payment, etc.
    - The applicant should submit all application documents to ICASA TYPE APPROVAL MANAGER, and ICASA should review the documents and issue certificates.