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Overseas Certification

GMA(Global Market Access)

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  • INMETRO(Brazil)

    - INMETRO is a regulatory authority for product safety and energy efficiency, and also a certificate authority and testing laboratory designated organization
    - Brazil currently has dozens of ordinance in each product line, and requirements vary from order to order for each ordinance, so you must check RAC requirements for relevant ordinance(available via the INMETRO site).
    - Products that is equivalent to one ordinanceis not included in another, and products that can be exposed to people, whether for commercial or for home, are basically forced by various ordinances.
    -The certification system is largely operated by third-party certification system and self-conformance declaration system, and the certification system is applied differently depending on the product. Self-conformance declaration system is generally applied to products with low risk.
    - In case of third-party certification system, three main requirements apply.One is a product test, another is a factory audit, the other is Customer Complaint Service(CCS) verification. You should issue the certificate in the certificate authority(OCP) designated by INMERO. Orin the case of overseas testing laboratory, you can have a test at a third-party laboratory designated under the agency which has a mutual recognition agreement with INEMTRO(ILAC, IAAC).
    - In case of the self-conformance declaration system, you can only have a test at laboratories designated by INMETRO of Brazil.
    - Household electric and electronic products are regulated by Ordinance 371, a third-party certification system and IT products are regulated by Ordinance 170, a third-party certification system only for government procurement.
    - In case of HOUS, additional noise labelling through noise test is applied by force for blender, dryer and vacuum cleaner, and in case of IT (government procurement), using energy efficiency labels is forced for portable and desktop computers.

  • IRAM(Argentina)

    - Products without conformance certificates from the certificate authority designated for the object item specified in accordance with the necessary safety requirements you should comply with for commercializing low-voltage devices cannot be exported and sold to Argentina.
    - It is an independent agency that grants certificates or IRAM certification marks to electric and electronic, chemical, gas-related, and metal products and toys if they meet IRAM standards
    - Chile, Peru, and Bolivia have the same institutions, so it is effective for these countries.
    - In August 1998, the Argentine Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining (SICyM) issued Resolution 92/98, and manufacturers, importers, sellers and suppliers stated their responsibilities to show that the product meets the essential safety requirements.
    - You should issue certificates under the name of the local importer of Argentina and all electronic products belonging to low-voltage devices with less than 5kVA power consumption and AC50-1000 V or DC1500 V will be target of regulation.
    - Resolution 197/2004 allows manufacturers and importers to choose different certificate systems depending on the product.

    Electrical safety compulsory certificate system is carried out for electric and electronic items designated as regulated items, and three different certificate systems are applied according to the product and the applicant's choice.

    1) Safety Mark(S-mark) certification (ISO system No.5) : obtain certificates through product test and factory audit and expost market inspection

    2) Type Certification (ISO system No.4): Form approval system: obtain certificates through product test. Conduct sampling test three months after initial acquisition. Sampling test is performed every six months to verify the validity of certificate.

    3) Lot Certification (ISO system No.7): Approved by lot: The number of samples collected from each lot conducting tests, as for products manufactured or imported  shall be determined based on the amount of lot manufactured and imported, and certification shall be given only to the quantity of lot imported or manufactured.

    There is an item that must receive mark certification between mark or type certification, and the applicants can choose items other than those specified. Regular follow-up tests (Verification & Sample tests) are performed alternately every six months (in case of type certification) and 12 months (in case of mark certification) depending on the certificate system applied after completion of certification.