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Justice Declaration

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Justice Declaration

In the performance of work, executives and staff members involved in product certification work of NCT declare as follow, pledging to understand the importance of justice, manage conflicts of interests, ensure objectivity and independence of work, and enhance trust.

  • We carry out product certification and testing activities fairly.
  • We are responsible for the fairness of product certification and testing activities, and do not allow any commercial, financial or other pressure that disrupts justice.
  • Top management team guarantees justice.
  • We implement measures to eliminate or minimize risks when risks of justice are found.
  • We do not allow the activities that may defame justice of the department performing product certification and testing activities and the relevant departments, and internal and external organizations that entrust product certification.
  • We do not market or suggestclientstie with the activities of specific organizations that offer advice.
  • We are fully aware of the importance of objectivity and justice in executing product certification and testing activities, and the necessity to provide fine test and evaluation services through continuous improvement as experts in test and evaluation.
September 3rd, 2019
Ju-EokSeo / CEO