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Quantitatively express whether a product can be used for a long time without failure, maintaining the quality of the product at the targeted level even after a certain period of time.

Our Services by Category
  • Environmental Test
    • High/Low Temperature Test
    • Temperature/Humidity Cycle Test
    • Power and Temperature Cycle Test(PTC)
    • Salt Spray Test
    • Thermal Shock test
    • Humidity Test
    • Altitude Test
    • IP(dust proof and water proof) Test
  • Mechanical Test
    • Vibration(Sine, Random, SOR, ROR)
    • Mechanical Shock Test (Half sine, Sawtooth)
    • Button Durability Test
    • Bump Test
    • Free Fall Test
  • Electrical Test
    • Operating Voltage Test
    • Superimposed Alternating Voltage test
    • Slow Decrease and Increase of The Power Supply test
    • Insulation resistance test
    • Voltage Variation Test
    • Jump Start Test,
    • Over Voltage Test ,Reverse Voltage Test,
    • Dielectric Test
  • Failure Analysis
    • Cross Section Analysis
    • Automotive Semiconductor Desquamation Analysis
    • Wire Bond Strength Test
    • X-ray Analysis
    • Solderability Analysis(crack, cold solder joint)
    • Whisker Inspection
    • Ion Migration
    • Ultrasonic Analysis
Object Item
  • Vehicle
    • Head Lamp
    • Rear View Camera
    • CHMSL Lamp
    • AVN, Black Box
    • Around View System
    • Rear Combination Lamp
    • BMS, ECU, PAS, Sensorkinds
    • Vehicle Radar
  • National Defense/Aerospace
    • Driving Gear Assembler
    • Warship Receiver
    • Submarine Power Control System
    • Command Interlocking Machine
    • Antenna Assembly
    • Motor Controller
    • Flight Controller
    • Launch Pad
    • GPS Receiver
  • Railway
    • Braking Resistor For Railway Vehicle
    • Air Conditional For Railway Vehicle
    • Display For Railway Vehicle
    • Auxiliary Power Unit For Railway Vehicle
    • Forced Draft Fan Assembly for Railway Vehicle
    • Brake Control System
  • Electric/Electronic
    • Audio And Video Equipment
    • Wire-wireless Communications Equipment
    • ICT Convergence Device
    • Industrial PDA
    • Industrial Relay
    • Other Electrical/Electronic Instruments
Automobile Electronic Units Defect Analyze
  • ES90000-01 Soldering Acceptability Requirements of Electronic Assembles
  • ES90000-02 Specification for Delamination Criteria Of Automotive Semiconductors
  • ES90000-03 PCB Environmental Reliability Specification
  • ES90000-04 Environmental Reliability Test Spec. of Lead Free Soldering For Vehicles
  • ES95400-10 The Reliability Specification for Electronic Assemblies of Automotive Electronic Device
  • ES91500-00, 02, 03 The Reliability Specification for PCB Connector of Automotive Electronic Device
  • GMW 3172 General Specification for Electrical, Electronic Components
  • VW80000 General Requirements, Test Conditions and Tests
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