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Electrical Safety

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Electrical Safety

Electrical/electronic products should be tested following their national safety standards before market release to verify their safety.
Safety standards observance is a compulsory requirement in major markets around the world, and most countries standardize their safety standards based on IEC.
NCT provides CB, KOLAS and KC test reports with the accreditation of laboratories from IECEE, Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(KOLAS) and Korean Agency for Technology and Standards(KATS).
Also, NCT provides product safety tests and test reports based on standards from all over the world.

Object instrument
    • Information and communications devices: data processing device, communication device, monitor, laptop, etc.
    • A/V devices: TV, DVR, electronic instrument, camera, audio, etc.
    • Home appliances: air cleaner, water purifier, bidet, humidifier, washing machine, etc.
    • Lighting equipment: LED lamp, control gear, LED module, etc.
    • Measuring instruments: laboratory equipment, oscilloscope, DMM, etc.
    • Medical devices: ultrasonic diagnosis unit, dental X-ray, dental appliance, blood sugar tester, etc.