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Electromagnetic waves

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Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic compatibility test is a test to verify if electromagnetic waves from an electronic device affect the performance of another device and if the performance of an electronic device is affected by the electromagnetic waves generated by another device.

  • Unnecessary electromagnetic waves generated by equipment or systems threaten the performance of the product.
  • Not only Korea but also other countries around the world obligatorily implement Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) test.
  • All wireless and communication products launched on the market should pass Electromagnetic waves test to verify safety.
  • EMC test and conformance test by organizations with public confidence (National Radio Research Agency and testing agency designated by KOLAS-NCT) are essential to ensure competitiveness in the market.
Object instrument
    • High frequency devices used for industrial, scientific, or medical purposes, etc.
    • Automobiles and flame ignition engine driven devices
    • Broadcast receiving devices and audio/ video-related devices
    • Household electric and electromotion appliances
    • Lighting devices as fluorescent lamp
    • Information and office equipment
    • Digital devices
    • Communication set equipmentelectrifying with frequency above 9kHz
    • Low electric intensity wireless devices
    • Switch and switchgear or electric devices
    • Protective parts for electric products
    • Insulating transformer
    • Equipment materials used for measurement and inspection
    • Equipment materials used for industrial and scientific purposes
    • Telephone system appurtenances
    • electric railway equipment
    • Other devices equipped with oscillatorgreater than 9 kHz