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Batteries can cause fire or explosion due to overheating, short circuit or overcharging during use.
You should confirm if the battery is safe by testing on possible phenomenon in these batteries.
NCT provides CB, KOLAS and KC test reports with the accreditation of laboratories from IECEE, Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(KOLAS) and Korean Agency for Technology and Standards(KATS).
Also, NCT provides product safety tests and test reports based on standards from all over the world.

Object item
    • Primary batteries : disposable batteries – type : lithium-chromic oxide battery, lithium-manganese dioxide battery, mercury battery, manganese battery, alkaline battery, etc. 
    • Secondary batteries :rechargeable batteries– type : lithium-ion(Li-ion), lithium-polymer(Li-Polymer), lead–acid battery(Lead_Acid), nickel-cadmium(Ni-Cd), nickel metal hydride(Ni-MH) battery, etc.
Test item
    • Performance tests : Cell balancing, degree of precision of voltage/current/SOC, energy and capacity, energy efficiency, SOC loss, cycle life expectancy, performance discharge test (high and low temperature), etc.
    • Functional tests : external short circuit control, overheating control, overcharging voltage control, overcharging current control test, etc.
    • Safety tests : insulation resistance, external short circuit, collision, compression, inundation, high temperature deformation, overcharging, forced discharge, Nail penetration test, etc.
    • Reliability tests : thermal shock cycle, dew condensation, high temperature storage, low temperature storage, cycle durability test, etc.
    • Fire Exposure Tests : Projectile, Internal & External fire tests, etc.
    • UN 38.3 Test for Air Transportation of Lithium metal and lithium ionBatteries
    • Certification tests for each country's Battery Cell & Battery Pack